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I love the different types of plant oils and essential oils that are found in nature and it is a great pleasure to be able to share them in the treatment room or in a product. I like to work intuitively to make intuitive blends for clients to put in the diffuser or into a bath or face oil. The product is then unique to the individual and changes each time depending on what comes through when I tune into their energy and what their needs may be. It makes for a really special blend and it’s something I love doing.

I use a very wide variety of oils, all of the more usual ones such as lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus, etc, many different types of florals, and also the less usual ones such as spikenard, which I’m particularly fond of. Oils fascinate me for their chemically-driven abilities, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, analgesic, antiseptic, etc as well as their widely varying energetic abilities, calming, sedating, unblocking, activating, etc. They are like friends really with different personalities, talents and abilities (n.b. I only use wild or organic oils from trusted suppliers so that I can be as sure as possible of their therapeutic quality).

Massage is one way to apply the oils and makes for a thoroughly relaxing experience as well. I practise therapeutic massage which can be deeply releasing physically, mentally and energetically as well as assisting generally with the healing process.

I also specialise in subtle aromatherapy which just uses energy and does not usually involve touch, or it can be a combination of energy and touch. It serves to clear, stimulate, ground and support your energy, allowing it to flow more freely and also to focus pure, healing energy into your system. Oils can assist in this and I use them if it feels appropriate.

I am familiar with and very happy treating people with various illnesses including cancer, and aromatherapy can be a really useful and helpful way to support you during these times. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Please see below for a list of treatments and for custom orders.

spacer Aromatherapy Consultation   spacer
  (this includes taking a health and energy consultation, choosing and blending oils specifically for your needs and a 1hour massage treatment)  
  spacer   90 mins   £50  
  Full body massage
  60 mins   £45  
  A deeply relaxing, releasing and soul-soothing treatment using specifically chosen therapeutic essentials oils   75 mins
  Back, neck and face massage
A shorter version of the above.
  40 mins   £35  
  Subtle aromatherapy/energy healing
A non-physical massage of your energy field with or without essential oils as directed. To wake-up, clear, ground and support your vital energy allowing it to flow more freely, assisting your ability to self-heal.

  35 mins   £30  

‘Interesting and powerful oils. Very, very sensitive and relaxing massage. Excellent work on lower back, neck and face. Very impressive identification of and work on tender spots. Ffion is a significant talent’.

‘Lovely oils, wonderful touch and sensitivity.’

‘So lovely to be touched, especially my head where I’ve lost my hair. Oils smell amazing. Thank you so much’.

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